AWORLDTEC ENGINEERING SDN BHD (AWESB) was incorporated on July 28 2001, with its main office in Kerteh, Terengganu Darul Iman. We are a 100% local Bumiputra Company with a paid up capital of RM6 Million. AWESB is moving aggressively towards becoming a global champion, in establishing itself as a reputable player in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry. 

Inline with the rapid growth of the industries, AWESB has undertaken an expansion program and developed in house expertise, while structuring its business into various divisions, which are:

  • Manpower Supply Division
  • Static and Rotating Division
  • Inspection and Asset Integrity Division
  • ICT Consultation and Implementation Division
  • Trading and Supply Division


Continuously provides unconventional solution towards revolving energy sector and greener earth.


  • To recognize employee as the most valuable asset.
  • To optimize value to our clients by offering innovative solutions, without compromising on quality, safety and integrity.
  • To maximize increments of profitability in company’s growth and contribution to shareholders, as well as stakeholders.
  • To take charge of significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the community in which it operates.


Safety – Part Of Our Values 

We consider the health and safety of all stakeholders involved with our operations to be of fundamental importance for the integrity of our company. In order to maintain high operational standards with utmost ethical considerations, we strictly enforce our company’s rigorous Code of Conduct, outline safe work practices in our operational expectations and provide focused training for all employees. We communicate clear expectations, analyse and manage risk, encourage reporting of incidents and near misses, investigate incidents and take corrective actions.

We aim to prevent all workplace accidents, incidents, injuries and illnesses. In the event that incidents occur, we must learn in order to prevent injuries from happening in the future. Employees are trained to promptly report any workplace injuries or hazards, and anyone can stop any work that they consider as unsafe.

The Company encourages sharing safety insights and concerns in daily, weekly, monthly and company-wide quarterly employee meetings in field and office locations. We urge all employees to proactively participate in ensuring their own safety and health, as well as the safety and health of their colleagues.

The preservation of the environment is not only extremely important to our overall performance, but also to our integrity and safekeeping of the land and resources in which we operate. We are keenly aware that we get our license to operate from the local citizens and we aim to be good hosts in this regard.