Inspection And Asset Integrity




AWESB offer a wide range of inspection services, which can be employed either in conjunction with Expediting or as a separate function. The extent of the inspection work is normally agreed upon with the Client prior to the placing of contract orders, to meet required standards appertaining to the contract, or the specific requirements of the client.


The service can be modified as necessary during the period of the contract to accommodate revised Client requirements and/or overcome shortcomings, which are frequently encountered, in the manufacturers' facilities.


Our experience ensures that the extent of inspection is kept to a minimum since we are qualified to assess both the standard of Quality Assurance provided by manufacturers and the degree of Inspection required to meet standards imposed by the Client.

Our inspection staff comprises qualified Engineers, most of whom have specialist knowledge resulting from shop floor experience in their particular field. We have, for many years, been retained by our existing clients to carry out inspection of a wide range of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, verify manufacturers' Quality Assurance procedures against specific requirements, witness performance tests and ensure the adequate provision and efficient transmittal of inspection/test documentation.


All specialist inspection procedures, including ultrasonic/radiographic examinations, etc., can be included in our overall inspection service and our Engineers are available at a notice to carry out inspection services. Our services includes :


Non-Destructive Testing

General Inspection Services

Corrosion Monitoring Services

NDT Advanced Services

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Other Specialist Services


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